where to use it

50 million fast food meals are served daily in the United States. The Home Stretch (TM) Food Carriers are "a better bag" and help diners carry food from counter to seat with comfort, safety, and style.

There are unlimited possibilities for licensing into the retail, food service, and promotional marketing industries.
  • Theme Parks, Attractions, and Sports Arenas.  The Home Stretch's value as both a food carrier and souvenir makes it ideal for impulse purchases at entertainment and sports destinations. 
  • Resort Food Service and Boutiques.  Sell or giveaway the Home Stretch at resort destinations, and watch it turn up on the beach -- with your message printed on it -- over and over again. 
  • Promotional Product Distributors.  The Home Stretch makes a memorable giveaway at benefits, corporate picnics and other business events.  Promotional Product Distributors can make the Home Stretch Coffee Carrier available to coffee and bicycle shops, gymnasiums, and other small businesses.
  • Retail Packaging.  Retailers can use the Home Stretch to package clothing and home goods such as towels and linens.   Special carriers can be designed for shoe boxes, wine bottles, and other luxury goods. The customer can then reuse the carrier for their own shopping and picnic outings.